Adam G. Roth

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April 2018 – Present

Director of Growth and Analysis

Direct Online Marketing – Directom.com

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Develop strategy for maximizing marketing investment contribution to base company profitability.
  • Increase company’s internal business prospects through online marketing efforts.
  • Solutions architect and technical support for all divisions and clients when escalation is necessary.
  • Solve technical issues across all accounts when account managers can no longer troubleshoot.
  • Audit client GA/GTM implementations, analyze data, and add tracking functionality as needed.

Major Achievements:

  • Increased site traffic by 271% and Marketing Qualified Leads by 551% year over year.
  • Invented cross-domain tracking strategy that gets thousands of views per day, establishing industry creditability.
  • Automated PPC account monitoring, optimization, and reporting.
  • Established analytics department and acted as technical adviser for complex implementations.

Sept 2015 – April 2018 (Incorporated into DOM)

Digital Marketing Consultant, Owner

Diamond Pillar

Boosted site traffic and online revenue streams for more than 100 websites. Services offered included GTM debug/ installs, Online marketing strategy consultation, Data analytics, SEO optimization,  PPC advertising (Google, Microsoft), Site development, e-commerce management, sales funnel optimization, technical site audits, revenue stream/ ROI mapping, and email list management. Also, wrote technical SEO textbook for Graduate level courses.

Sports Equipment Supplier:

  • Achieved 1st page rankings for 58/61 keywords as specified by client, 49 currently rank in google top 3.
  • 12-month campaign resulted in a 102% increase in website revenue, 71% increase in new users.
  • New emails were acquired at $0.03 per FB ad interaction and $0.07 per email.

Regional Medical Provider:

  • Increased organic traffic by 81% in first 9 months of campaign.
  • Achieved 140% ROMI on blended social and PPC campaigns.
  • Site redesign and conversion rate optimization resulted in 220% increase in goal completion.

Network Engineering Company:

  • Increased monthly website user sessions by 147% and organic traffic sessions by 61%.
  • Conceived social media strategy, increasing proportion of new site users by 320%.
  • Doubled per month sales qualified leads and site entrances through product pages in 4 months

(Company previously called Blanket, LLC)

Aug 2015 – Present

Ecommerce Director, Principle

National Physician Assistant Education

Current Responsibilities

  • Delegate day to day business operations
  • Outline and oversee execution of business strategy
  • Personally responsible for all eCommerce, SEO & digital marketing


  • Consistently maintain 12x industry average customer conversion rate and 64.52% gross profit margin.
  • Acquired Instagram social media following in excess of 71.2k niche followers.
  •  Oversee all aspects of digital marketing to optimize lead acquisition and customer conversion rates.
  • Manage all digital marketing campaigns including PPC advertising, email lists, social media, etc.
  • Delegate work and ensure proper communication between team members, freelancers, and contributors.
  • Leverage Google analytics, webmaster tools, heat maps, etc. to measure & optimize campaign performance.


  • Developed online medical review course
  • Co-authored medical review book
  • Executed all aspects of technical implementation
  • Bootstrapped company from concept to the current state (In 2016 approx 12% of all graduating physician assistants signed up for our review course trial)

April 2015 – Sept 2015

Analytics Engineer Contractor

US Department of Veterans Affairs, Informatics and Computing Infrastructure

  • Optimized information management by ensuring agreement between technology and business needs.
  • Wrote algorithms to identify patterns across 3.5 petabytes of free-text patient data.
  • Orchestrated collaboration of development teams and infrastructure across multiple organizations.
  • Mined data in real-time to assist medical researchers.

Sept 2012 – May 2015

Research Associate – Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing

  • Developed deep understanding of google relevance algorithms and ranking methods.
  • Applied SEO and information retrieval techniques to biomedical data sets.
  • Created and maintained relevant websites, databases, visualizations and algorithms.
  • Used backlink citation networks of academic research papers to detect fraudulent referencing.
  • Publication – “Towards extracting supporting information about predicted protein-protein interactions.”

Dec 2008 – Jan 2012

University of Pittsburgh, DBMI, Hillman Cancer Research Center

  • Designed, implemented and maintained biomedical data warehouse.
  • Assisted researchers in maintaining data set structure and public query interface.
  • Analyzed dataset to extract trends for epidemiological research projects.


Master of Science (M.S.), Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Department of Biomedical Informatics

Bachelor of Science (BS)

University of Pittsburgh Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences

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Coding Skills





Webmaster Tools

Google Analytics

Facebook Business Manager




A. Jordon

Owner, Family Chiro

“What I value most is integrity and Adam was very upfront and honest about what we needed to do as well as how to get there.”


Stephanie Gordon

Owner, Psychdmarketing.com

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Adam and his team. It’s truly been a great experience. They are
responsive, committed to getting results for their clients, and easy to work with. Overall, I couldn’t recommend them enough.”


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    About Me

    That annoying kid at the front of the classroom who was always asking why… 

    I was never that guy. I preferred to attend a class for the first week or two, read the entire text-book, and never go to lectures again. It’s not that I’m a rebel, I’m just passionately curious. That’s why I’m looking for a company with a solid foundation and some gaps to fill. I have great experience, lots of energy, and a bit of that “vision thing”. If your company is in need of an asset, I’m your guy.

    High-Level Summary


    Digital Marketing

    I have worked in all areas of Digital Marketing. Although I haven’t worked with every platform, I’ve worked with most.


    Business Operations

    Your company can always be pushed in terms of growth and efficiency. I find efficiency gaps then implement fixes that make everyone’s lives easier



    I enjoy creating environments in which all players win. My management style is a mix of empathy, clearly defined expectations, and unambiguous penalties.



    I am a “Full Stack Developer” of digital marketing. I have a solid understanding of everything from network security and web server configuration to all levels of the sales funnel and ad platform management.

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    Link Building

    Business Analytics



    Machine Learning

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