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About Me

That annoying kid at the front of the classroom who was always asking why… 

I was never that guy. I preferred to attend a class for the first week or two, read the entire text-book, and never go to lectures again. It’s not that I’m a rebel, I’m just passionately curious. That’s why I’m looking for a company with a solid foundation and some gaps to fill. I have great experience, lots of energy, and a bit of that “vision thing”. If your company is in need of an asset, I’m your guy.

High-Level Summary


Digital Marketing

I have worked in all areas of Digital Marketing. Although I haven’t worked with every platform, I’ve worked with most.


Business Operations

Your company can always be pushed in terms of growth and efficiency. I find efficiency gaps then implement fixes that make everyone’s lives easier



I enjoy creating environments in which all players win. My management style is a mix of empathy, clearly defined expectations, and unambiguous penalties.



I am a “Full Stack Developer” of digital marketing. I have a solid understanding of everything from network security and web server configuration to all levels of the sales funnel and ad platform management.

Technical Stuff


Paid Advertising

Website Development

Link Building

Google My Business

Natural Language Processing


Machine Learning

Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Google Optimize


Businesses I own


Diamond Pillar

Pittsburgh Roofs

Adam G. Roth

Fun Facts

Related to Elon Musk

21+ programming languages

I can make coffee

I won an award once

I help out at Rentme

See me on the web

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